dimanche 25 novembre 2012


The « Voices to Share » concert will gather on stage to celebrate cultural diversity, sharing and solidarity, singers drawing their inspiration from the wandering of the Roma, a European minority that preserved the wealth of their traditions through the ages and adversity and whose precariousness deeply concerns the European Union.
Brought together on the stage of Flagey by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and introduced by Dani Klein, the amazing voice behind Vaya con Dios, singers from various origins will share with us their talent in keeping with a message, dear to Yehudi Menuhin and carried forward through his Foundation: that sharing our cultures leads to a better understanding.
Iva Bittova, a Czech singer and violinist will unveil the palette of her virtuosity and perform a dialogue with Red Gjeci, the Albanian violinist of Vaya con Dios. Marianne Aya Omac will convey to us the cultures of the world with the warmth of her voice accompanied by her guitar and the rumba rhythm of her percussions. Amparo Cortés will transport us in the mesmerising world of Flamenco. And Maurane, who with Dani Klein, is the godmother of the evening, will give us the richness of her musical universe with her distinctive warmth. The evening will conclude with a finale which will include all the artists in a sonorous and colourful explosion.
This concert perpetuates a long line of events organised by the Menuhin Foundation that each years gathers on stage artists from various cultures presenting a creative and heartfelt dialogue that can but seduce the audience, moved by the emotion generated by this generous and joyous encounter.
Furthermore this tradition of sharing cultures is developed by the Foundation through its various programmes with the support of the European Union: the programme « Voices for Tomorrow » carried by the ambassador-artists from different origins and disciplines who together work on the emergence of collective intelligence through participative workshops and concerts in Europe, the MUS-E® programme aimed at children of all cultures aged between 6 and 12, and more recently the project « art4rom » aimed at Roma children.

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